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Traditional Security Screws

BFC Security can stock a range of Traditional Security Screws to meet your requirements. All of our products are made to the highest quality, competitively priced and delivered on time, in full.

6 Lobe Pin Screws


6-Lobe recess manufactured with internal pin, available in Pan head and Countersunk head with self-tapping or machine screw thread. A range of sizes manufactured from A2 Stainless Steel

Popular security drive for high torque applications. Quickly and easily installed and removed using matching tooling.

Pin Hex Screws


Hexagon socket screws manufactured with an internal pin.

This drive prevents removal with standard hexagon tools. Suitable for medium torque applications and is one of the most difficult to remove without the matching driver.

Full range of AB Self Tapping and Metric Machine Screws available in A2 Stainless Steel

2 Hole Screws

Popular aesthetically pleasing drive for any two-way application.

This drive system, sometimes known as Snake Eye® or Pig Nose is designed for low to medium torque applications. It has 2 holes drilled into the head which requires a unique 2-pin matching driver to install and remove it.

Full range of Self Tapping and Metric Machine Screws stocked in A2 Stainless Steel

We can supply a range of traditional security screws, if the product you require has not been listed, please contact our team today to discuss your requirements. 

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